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Looks like I fell off the blog……

January 20th I posted the design wall and I haven’t had anything to say since!  I pretty much lost the mojo for quilting and without that I don’t have much to say on a quilting blog.  It all started (

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Thread tales, useless chatter!

For the last several years I have saved my thread spools so that I could tally my usage, then donate my empties to the local school for crafty stuff.  This years’ collection is pretty sparse, not because I didn’t sew

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Design Wall

My wall looks pretty much the same as last week….. this is a close up of the disappearing 4 patch. Most of this week was spent straightening up, the discard pile grew a little and several drawers are now tidier.

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The Treadle Machine—my 100th Post!

I have had this treadle machine for more than 20 years.   Mom got it from my Great Aunt Albia’s farm-house and passed it on to me, since I was the quilter in the family.  I never saw the machine in action,

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Design Wall Monday

Ok, so this really isn’t a picture of my design wall…..but it is what I’m working on this week.  My wide-angle picture isn’t so good, but this is the longarm (Annabelle) with eight ready to go quilts.  Six of these

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Stash Report Sunday

No additions this week!  But, no completions resulting in yardage used either.  This past week was a bad week here for electronic stuff.  Wednesday I opened something I should not have and caught the latest computer virus.  Thursday my Baby Lock

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