Thread tales, useless chatter!

For the last several years I have saved my thread spools so that I could tally my usage, then donate my empties to the local school for crafty stuff.  This years’ collection is pretty sparse, not because I didn’t sew much…I did!  Here’s 2012:


A good year .

17,767 yards! or 53,301 ft   or 639,612 inches.

That’s 10.0948 miles.

OK, here is 2013…..

thread 002  Pretty paltry…7,275 yards.  21,825 feet or 261,900. inches….barely 4 miles!

I’ve changed how I buy thread.  I love Aurifil, the orange spools above, my machine loves it too, as well as the sewing machine Doctor.  I have trouble finding it locally.

Last Spring I started using Masterpiece also a really nice smooth running thread.  2500 yards on that spool or rather cone, and my next favorite is So Fine by John Flynn with a whopping 3280 yards.  It takes a long time to empty the Aurifil, I’m guessing it will take over a year for the Masterpiece.

thread 001

The long arm is currently threaded with Omni…..6000 yards…..I won’t be emptying that anytime soon.

While using that thread, I completed 24 quilts or projects  this year.  Ten from my UFO list and 14 that  were started and finished in 2013.   Of these, 10 were kid size averaging 45 X 60 inches.  I had several table runners, they make such nice gifts.  and the remaining 8 were bed quilts or oversized couch throws.

That leaves me a very manageable 15 UFOs to start 2014…..and a box I am calling “Spare Parts”.   Right now my spare parts box has several 4 patches, some strip sets, a half-dozen leftover 9 patches and one star block that didn’t make the cut.  It will evolve into something, I hope, eventually.

Clock is ticking down….here’s hoping everyone has a successful New Year!


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4 comments on “Thread tales, useless chatter!
  1. cheryliowa says:

    I brought all of my Connecting Threads up to the long arm…it is thick and linty but I think it is going to be like King Tut on the top of a quilt. I know I won’t buy more (unless I find it works better than King Tut) because it does take up space in the seam allowance, I hate it in the bobbin. I really love Aurifil but the Masterpiece is just as nice, and a little less expensive in the long run.

  2. Happy New Year, Cheryl! Are you using the big cones for piecing, too? I could get used to only buying big cones, but I would need to get a spool stand, too. Right now I move my long-arm bobbin winder over to my DSM when I want to use a big So Fine or other.

    15 UFOs does sound very manageable, especially since you’re so productive.

    • cheryliowa says:

      Yes! I have a cone holder from Superior Thread that sits to the right of my machine. I use grey or cream thread and I have a cone of each. Since I purchased these at MQS last spring on sale I doubt I’ll need thread for a good long time, especially since I have spools of all kinds of colors acquired when garment sewing.

      • I bought piecing thread from Connecting Threads a couple years ago. The colors are luscious, but they are very linty. I’m trying to use them up! But they last a long time. When gone I’ll gladly make the switch to cones.

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