Should I flip them back??

I’ve been working on more 9 patch/Sister’s Choice blocks. I’ve put them up on the wall, made a few more, changed some around to distribute the color, made an alternate block, moved them around and took this picture.

Straight Set

Straight Set

After studying it a bit I thought maybe this would look more interesting if it was on point.  So, I turned and switched out , moved around and made more blocks to finish off the bottom row and took this picture.

On Point

On Point


Ok, not the big dramatic look I was hoping for…..I think maybe the secondary design is lost, or maybe the straight set give a really cool diagonal pattern that looks harder than it was.

Which way do you like best?  No rush, my 1950 Morse straight stitch only machine is in the shop and that machine is my very favorite for putting blocks and rows together so it will be a while before I can get it together….so,  should I flip them back ?

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7 comments on “Should I flip them back??
  1. Joyce in Wa state says:

    I am so contrary, but I prefer the on point layout. I think the problem with less drama has to do with a depth. Not sure if it is a color or a print that moves the eye.

  2. Rachel says:

    I’m going to throw my vote in with the straight set crowd. Very pretty.

  3. Sandie says:

    The straight set would be my choice… In fact I like it so much, this one is going on my to-do list…

  4. Vic in NH says:

    I agree with everybody that the straight set is beautiful! It will be a very handsome quilt, good job!

  5. I like the straight set better, but I’m glad you tried both. Thanks for sharing your process!

  6. roslynja says:

    Yes the straight set-I left my comment on the wrong post!

  7. Kris S says:

    They both look great, but I agree the diagonal makes a better statement in the upper photo. I like the fabrics very much.

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