Design Wall

Well, not so much what is on the wall, it is more like what is most recently off the wall and finished!

I have 3 fun Project Linus quilts all bound now and ready to drop off at the local quilt shop. I usually take them to Dewitt, IA and look at what Sherry has hanging around her shop.  Sometime this week if the weather allows.  Our leaves will need attention again, soon.2013-10-27 14.10.57



2013-10-27 14.10.43


2013-10-27 14.11.17After  Monday Night Football I should have the Sister’s Choice UFO finished.  I carried that one all the way to South Carolina….and back …..without taking one stitch in it!!


I am flipping the blocks on my design wall this morning….the blocks were set straight rows, but I think I want them on point.  Those pictures coming soon….my camera stopped sending the pictures into the computer so I need to find the fire wire to transfer.


More Design Wall pictures are here.


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6 comments on “Design Wall
  1. Bonnie says:

    I like the straight set. Just my opinion though. Where is the Quilt shop in DeWitt? I live about 20 miles from there and would love to visit.

  2. roslynja says:

    I vote for the straight set, more movement IMO!

  3. knitnkwilt says:

    Aren’t children’s quilts versatile? The first two are bright to stimulate interest and the third is subdued to help a child calm down. That’s what we always say–wonder if it works that way. I remember my mom saying something was “too loud”; it would keep her awake. I always thought I could sleep anyway.

    I especially like the color arrangement in the stairstep one

  4. Renea says:

    I have been to the quilt shop in DeWitt. I don’t live to far from DeWitt. Your quilts are really cute!

  5. Nancy says:

    They are great quilts. Love the colors, Great job.
    Is there a free pattern for the stair step quilt? It looks familiar and I may already have it!!

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