Design Wall

My wall looks pretty much the same as last week…..

IMG_0565this is a close up of the disappearing 4 patch.

Most of this week was spent straightening up, the discard pile grew a little and several drawers are now tidier.

Yesterday was rainy so our trip to IKEA was moved up.  I enjoy the drive to the Chicago area….I like finding a new neighborhood eatery…..I love strolling around IKEA and letting the ideas sort of roll around.  Yesterday was not like that.

The drive in was OK, intermittent showers.  IKEA parking lot was pretty full, an indication of what was to come!  We had planned to pick up 4 new drawer cabinets for under the long arm but I worried they just might not be what I really needed, so ended up with 2 and gee, since we were there, lets just get the table top and legs for my new computer desk.  I like shopping on Thursday, rarely a crowd and you really can stroll through the isles and dream……

Sunday was a zoo…lots of high energy, snatches of conversations “…..would hold all of my art supplies”……”maybe it is time for a change”…..”I think the red would be OK”…..but, there was no leisurely stroll, if you stopped you’d  get run over!!

After an hour getting our items we’d had enough.  I made it through check out…always a challenge…and out to the pick up area.  The mornings gentle rain was heavier and now there was fog.  The next 30 minutes involved toll-way traffic, pouring rain and poor visibility.

We ended up grabbing a quick bite at a Boston Market and headed back  to Iowa.

We need to make another trip….after assembling one of the cabinets it was determined they will fit fine and work great to hold thread and other supplies.   I’m not going on the week-end…..I might not even go this month!

Lots of folks have posted great design wall pictures…go check them out at Judy’s Patchwork Times.

For me, I need to keep assembling my cabinet and clean up the mess.   Then I can tackle the computer desk.

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  1. Jane says:

    I am going to give the disappearing four-patch a try soon. I love you quilt.

  2. Glad you got there and back safely. I try not to go anywhere on the weekends! Conditioning from football Saturdays over here, I guess.

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