Design Wall Monday

Ok, so this really isn’t a picture of my design wall…..but it is what I’m working on this week.Eight little quilts all in a row  My wide-angle picture isn’t so good, but this is the longarm (Annabelle) with eight ready to go quilts.  Six of these are the Project Linus quilts I’ve been piecing since January 1, and on the far left I have the two BIG ones.  Jacobs Ladder and Easy Street.  Backings are prepared, as well as all the bindings…all ready to go.  Except #4 Linus….his binding seems to be MIA.  I hope it turns up before I really need it!

The big pile of batting sitting on the roller bar  is the 108″ stuff from the roll downstairs, didn’t want to drag it up…..that’s for the two large quilts.  I need to cut the batting for the Linus quilts, but that won’t take long.

DSC01513After yesterday’s Stash report it occurred to me that it’s time to get going on these.  Much as  I love to piece and play with the fun fabric it’s time to get my numbers down (before the next quilt show and spending opportunity)!

Still pretty chilly in the sunroom, and I hear there is a snow storm heading for the midwest…, no excuses….the Wichata show is coming up in May….hundreds of vendors….I gotta get these done!

Please go check out more design walls at Judy’s Patchwork Times.


One short little rant. A couple of weeks ago I posted about a problem with a credit card.  I opened a link I should not have and got a virus.  When I was notified by my credit card company of the fraudulent use I thought…that virus, My fault.  Turns out, a company I ordered something from had a security breach and hackers got names, card numbers and addresses.  I found this out NOT through the company I did business with, but from an online group….Shouldn’t  the company have notified me of the problem?   Or is that how it is handled….let the customer figure it out if they have card problems from their sites security  screw up?  OK, rant complete.

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4 comments on “Design Wall Monday
  1. Diane says:

    Credit card fraud is getting out of hand. I’ve had to replace 3 cards in the last 9 months! One I discovered and 2 the credit card company notified me. I set up an online account with all my cards and keep a close eye on the charges. Most fraud happens the first few days of the month. Have fun quilting!

  2. Wow, you have a lot of quilting to do.

  3. Sue Daurio says:

    Well looks like you have quite a bit of fun ahead of you! Good luck on them all. Can’t wait to see how you quilt them

  4. Deb Praus says:

    Good luck….I sent 3 out and doing the smaller ones, FMQ. someday I will have a longarm. I am especially excited to see what you do with Easy Street.
    Same thing happened to me….what company was it? I am clueless. the credit card company found it, not the site.

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