Stash Report Sunday

No additions this week!  But, no completions resulting in yardage used either. 

This past week was a bad week here for electronic stuff.  Wednesday I opened something I should not have and caught the latest computer virus.  Thursday my Baby Lock Symphony was skipping stitches and catching fabric in the feed dogs…beyond my ability to fix….so off it went to the repair shop on Friday.  I am stitching happily on my Featherweight and a cheapie Singer.   More on this later. 

Things seemed  to be looking up…..then Saturday morning I got a phone call from the credit card company.  Seems our card number was being used all over Europe.  Thankfully Wells Fargo is pretty diligent.  They caught it and denied the charges almost right away.  The card has been cancelled and I spent an hour trying to figure out who needs to be notified.

I am now somewhat paranoid.  I have several online shops that I use a credit card, including Amazon.  Since this happened right after I ordered another book for my new Kindle, I am worried I might have to stop reading and ordering those daily deals…or it could just be a residual effect from the earlier hack.  Either way,  I am nervous and leery of any internet shopping.  Ok, back to the stash report…….

Week 5:

Acquired this week……..0 yards

Acquired year to date….50 yards

Used this week……0 yard  ( I really am sewing, but I don’t count it as out until the binding is done)

Used year to date…..1 yard

Net……49 yards Stashed!!    It might be time to heat up the sunroom and fire up Annabelle.  I have 5 Project Linus quilts waiting to be quilted, as well as a large scrap project nearing completion.  But that is for Design Wall Mondays’ post.

Go visit Judy to check out more stash reports.

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  1. I had 3 bank cards get hacked at once. All three at different banks. All under a different name. (gosh–sounds like spy stuff but not really!) and the only link I could think of was my trash? Two the banks caught immediately, one they had a nice Florida vacation but I just had to do paperwork to deny that one. I shred everything and use my card on-line very carefully. Yeah–kindle books are my downfall too!

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