Get Anything Done??

My list was pretty basic.  I looked at the list and picked 2 easy ones near completion, then tossed in Easy Street because I was motivated, and an old UFO because I felt obligated to work on an oldie!

1. Pick Up Sticks just needs binding. It is cut but not joined…a fairly quick finish. Still not finished, binding is machined on, but still waiting for the hand work.

2. Arrowhead in Evening Mist has only a few blocks left to piece. This needs to be laid out on the wall to get it together.  Managed a few more blocks, but still not ready for the design wall.

3. Continue working on Easy Street. I am not happy with one color choice and I am NOT going to change it. Moving ahead, but not as excited about it.  I worked pretty steady on this and the top is finished but needs borders…I think it falls to the UFO category.

4. Search for layouts for those Spool blocks and the 9 patches. Some kind of alternate block…make a decision and move forward.  I think about this when I can’t sleep….I am considering just large HSTs as alternate blocks.  Cream and ????  So, no progress here either.

No matter, my month was still full of quilts….I have 5 new Project Linus quilts awaiting on the long arm.  I am playing with a “Cutting Bee” UFO, and I have my Featherweight out…. I need an old or at least a good heavy-duty straight stitch machine.  The Symphony was just a pain doing Easy Street.

Check out more progress at Judy’s today…..


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3 comments on “Get Anything Done??
  1. Sharon - IN says:

    I agree with Dee Dee. One step closer to a finished project. That is how I have to look at what I accomplished. I hope this month goes well for you!

  2. Julie in GA says:

    I am glad to see that I am not the only one having trouble finishing a binding. It shouldn’t be that hard, but I just can’t work up much interest in it, even though it means my quilt would be finished!

  3. Dee Dee says:

    Every little bit you did is a step closer to a finished project! You are having fun and that is all that counts!

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