Friday brings……

The start of the week-end! 

The next clue in Bonnie’s latest mystery.

A trip to the LQS to drop off  a few Project Linus Quilts!project linus 11-2012 041

Most of these I’ve finished in the last 6 months.  I stack them up and when I get a few I’ll take them to the local quilt shop that collects for Project Linus. 

This is a great way to try out new quilting patterns…sometimes it is just a little mindless sewing…I love the tumbler quilts for this.   The panel quilt I just finished binding…it goes, too!

panel plus pieced border

panel plus pieced border

tumblers using Go Baby

Friday also brings the prep work for tomorrows gathering.  This is most exciting because the kids are coming to decorate the house for Christmas. 

When we were remodeling I bought a small pre-lit tree…..lovingly refered to as the Christmas Twig.  It was smallish, and all you had to do was pluck it from the box, hang an ornament or two then plug-in!  A lot different from our 8 ft  artificial tree…the 8 footer takes a lot of work, first to get it together, string 800 lights and hang a bunch of ornaments.   Last year I was recovering from a little medical procedure and suggested the Christmas Twig in lieu of the big tree….Our kids came out and decorated…it was great!  And it looks like they had a good enough time that it is becoming a tradition! 

Now I should mention that Christmas Eve is always here.   And they really hated the Christmas Twig.  We  feed them  pretty well and it is adults only….very relaxed and fun.

So, the ribs are rubbed and waiting.  The entire meal is ready to go.  I have a little time to play!

Do I load the Pick up Sticks Quilt?  The borders are on and I could get this one done.

I will link to Finish it Friday and the Whoop Whoop page…..go check them out!

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3 comments on “Friday brings……
  1. Lynette says:

    What a nice Linus pile! They look so cheery. 🙂

  2. Jenniffier says:

    Look at all those quilts. I am sure that will make some very happy little ones.

  3. Deb says:

    Pretty Linus quilts! I have a pile to drop off soon too, such a great feeling.

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