Quiltathon…Day 3

Started nice and early in the sewing studio.  Managed another row re-pressed and stitched together.  Flipping the seam to the other side seems to be working.  The blocks are nesting better, although I don’t like the really lumpy seams.  If I do this one again I need to press the HSTs open maybe.

10:15 AM

My quiltathon was halted with “The Project”…..  We’ve been working on a remodel project for over 2 years.  It began in May of 2009. It is an extensive project with walls coming down and the vaulted ceiling getting re plastered.  The carpet was replaced with beautiful oak hardwood. The kitchen got a great stone tile floor. Lots of new lighting.  The staircase was torn apart and rebuilt.  Window and door casing replaced.  Most of the big stuff was done in the first 9 months.  The house was livable, just not real pretty.  Little by little the rooms have been put back together, with just some finish work necessary.  I finally ran out of excuses for the staining and sealing….and I had a lot of really good excuses. 

  Today we got the first of several coats of polyurethane sealer on all of the crown, stair rails and custom newel posts.  They will need a light sand and at least one more coat.  All of the walls got touched up.  We have to re-paint the balusters where the stain ran into the white trim …..and what does this have to do with a Quiltathon??

Seems  every time I note “retreat” or Quiltathon on my calendar DH needs help with the project.  So, with regret, I am giving  up this weekend.    And it is really OK because we are so close to getting this project finally and completely finished….the only thing left after this is carpet on the stairs, a granite or stone top ordered and installed and the kitchen backsplash.  It will be so great to retire the bin with all of the paint supplies…of course then I will no longer be able to say “Please excuse the mess we’ve got a little project going here…”

It is 5:30 PM and I am really tired.  My knees do not like getting up and down.  My fingers are pruny from cleaning brushes.  Thankfully everything requires a good dry time….but we get to do this all over again tomorrow!

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  1. That’s sad that you lost out on your quilting time. But I’m sure it will feel fabulous once you have all the work done and you can enjoy your finished house.

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