Nesting Seams……or not! Day 2…..

I think I know why this project has been on the wall so long.  All of my blocks are stitched and pressed, and remarkably they are all squared and individually look quite nice. 

I used Triangulations for my HSTs, and they are wonderfully accurate.  The blocks needed almost no trimming. 

Originally I played around with pressing and since the pattern instructions gave no preference,  I produced my blocks in groups of ten and pressed all the same way.

And that is the problem!  As I lay them out there is one place that should be pressed the other direction.  And, truth be told, I wish I’d pressed all of the HSTs to the dark in those groups of 3 and 4. 

I have 44 more blocks to add and I think I will spend the rest of the evening re-pressing the bottom HST row away from the  large triangle…..although that will cause a bump/ridge along that seam line.  I really love pattern instructions that tell you exactly which way to press….and then if it doesn’t work out it is because there is no way to avoid some seams that won’t nest.   Ick….triple negative, does this make any sense???

Guess I’ll press and try another row……

I finished pressing last night..I’ve started assembly and it is going better.  I’ve made several notes on the instructions …I almost want to make a few more blocks just to make certain I know what works!  It is almost 10 AM…my luck has run out and I am off to assist DH with staining and sealing…all of the high parts are stained…time for the areas a “height challenged” person can reach!

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  1. Oh I hate it when the seams end up pressed the wrong way!! You could always clip part of the seam allowance almost down to the stitching beside the last half square triangle and then press the clipped section in the direction you want it to go. I’ve done this before, and never had a problem with anything coming apart or unraveling.

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