Ivan’s “Tomater” quilt….and one from 1997!!

This is GGS Ivan with his Tomater quilt.  He has a youth bed at Gramma’s and really need another quilt!

Here’s a look at the whole quilt.  It is a panel that need to be bigger.  I added a frame, then bright stars (because I really wanted to play with my “Spike and Peak” templates).  Of course it didn’t fit just right, so more frame….then it really needed to be just a bit wider so I made quarter square triangle blocks and jumbled them up.  The binding is black and white checkered flag fabric….it doesn’t show up much here but it is kind of cute!  Not any fun for hand stitching that binding down….took forever.

Speaking of forever…this UFO finish has been on my list for years..and years.  It all started in Seattle WA on a working vacation.  DH was at a seminar for NTSB and I was on vacation.  He went to meetings and I went shopping at a wonderful quilt shop “In the Beginning”  and, as luck would have it, stumbled into a class on a really new technique….Magic Stack and Whack!

Of course I bought the book.  I would have bought everything necessary but this was when we vacationed without an RV…limited space, and I already shopped at the big polar fleece store…big bags of fleece mashed into the trunk.  I read that book and dreamed of the beautiful quilt in my future.

We made it to Laramie WY before I really needed to shop.  Spencer’s in Laramie was a fabric shop….from prom dresses to diaper bags…woolens to bridal tulle, home dec and some 100 % cottons.  I found the fabric to make my masterpiece.   

Once I got home and worked on my quilt everything went slightly off course…..I did not get enough of the black background.  I bought several blacks and nothing matched.  I lost interest in the project and tucked it away.

Now it did come back out on several occasions…..I ripped it apart and re stitched, I tried to hide the off black with a ghastly choice of sashing…then all you saw was this awful gold….my beautiful blocks were lost…..tucked away again. 

So…… what if I tried several blacks to make it look “scrappy” in the black background?  Might work…..  Then I used the awful gold to add just a little break between the black.  OK, but not my masterpiece.  Back into hiding for another year or two.

At MQS in 2009 I found a metallic thread that would be wonderful….if I ever got around to quilting the darned thing.

Last year I ordered wide backing and a black batt for it…at some point I will finish this #*#! quilt.   It has been on my UFO list from the very first…..I really need to  get it out of here.

July the Stashbuster challenge is getting those old UFO’s quilted during the marathon….and here it sat….all ready to go, even the binding is prepared….really…..get it quilted already.  Done is better than ……

I just put the last stitches in the binding.  It is not the masterpiece I had dreamed of….I still love the fabric, and when I look at each block I marvel at how different each one looks from the same fabric.  It is a really cool technique.  

So….I’ve stalled long enough.  Here is my oldest finished UFO.


And a look at one block a little closer…..

Each block is kinda cool….I am so thrilled it is off my list!!

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